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“It is with great confidence I recommend Dr. Craig Buntemeyer. I have been under his care since 1990. I came to him having had undesirable results from previous dentistry. An upper front bridge was continuing to come loose, so I sought his advice and recommendations. Commensurate with the bridge problem, I had a significant cross-bite, which compounded a TMJ condition. The midline of my front top and bottom teeth was offset. I was self-conscious of my teeth, which minimized my confidence. I naturally smile often and work with the public.

Dr. Buntemeyer coordinated my dental reconstruction plan with Dr. Patrick Shannon. Subsequently, he constructed my new bridge of four upper front teeth, to include a perfect margin at my gum line. He insisted the lab make the proper color match and margin. He prioritizes patient care with the latest technology.

The results are wonderful! Everyone who know the “before and after” look was very impressed. I am proud of my infectious smile and corrected bite, avoiding the need for jaw surgery. He has enhanced my quality of life. He has placed caps on molars painlessly, and has always made follow-up calls to check on my condition after each dental appointment.

Dr. Buntemeyer is the dentist for my wife, daughter and son-in-law. I trust him completely with their care.”

– Mr. Larry Zachary, Tulsa, OK

“Dr. Buntemeyer has been my dentist since 1982. He is what I call a “patient’s dentist.” He cares about his patients and strives to do the best he can to make their dental visit pleasant. After a visit with him, I know that he will do everything that he possibly can to save teeth. He has always done exceptional work for me. I have had many dental problems and he has solved them. I have many caps on my teeth and three implants. He worked very closely with the dentist that did my implants and he actually put the teeth on my implants.

The other dentist and implant technicians told me that he was the most organized dentist they had ever worked with. I have recommended Dr. Buntemeyer to many of my friends and family. My husband, mother, and son-in-law also use him because of the excellent work he has done for me. A dental visit isn’t always going to be the most enjoyable moment of your day, but I don’t dread going to see Dr. Buntemeyer because I know he will be very gentle and try to make the visit as painless as possible.”

– Ms. Clara Grove, Tulsa, OK

“Dr. Buntemeyer is an excellent dentist. His knowledge and skills in this field are second to none, and he especially makes it painless to his patients. His work has improved my smile tremendously. His assistants are well trained and very helpful in putting patients at ease. I recommend him and his work to anyone.”

– Ms. Helen Harrington, Tulsa, OK

“I was referred to Dr. Buntemeyer because my teeth were breaking off so much. He was my friend on the first visit. He did such a good job without any pain, reconstructing my teeth. I had confidence when I went to my grandson’s wedding because I had a smile again. Thanks to Dr. Craig Buntemeyer!”

– Mr. Gene Nix, Tulsa, OK

“I am a trial lawyer. As a trial lawyer, my appearance affects how I am perceived by members of a jury. My clients’ rights are affected by how I am perceived by members of a jury. Through years of neglect, my appearance was adversely affected by my teeth. My teeth were discolored, broken and generally in a sad state of repairs. I was so self-conscious of how terrible my teeth looked, I tried to hide behind my hands so no one would see my ugly teeth.

I made a decision to change my appearance even though I had a great fear of dentists and the pain you had to endure to receive dental care. While I have known Dr. Craig for many years, I called a friend for a recommendation for a dentist. When he recommended Dr. Craig I immediately made an appointment and, swallowing my pride, advised his staff that I had a great fear of going to the dentist.

Today I have a beautiful smile and truly enjoy my appearance. Dr. Craig developed a treatment plan, advised me of my options, advised of the cost and made recommendations. When it was necessary for me to see a specialist, Dr. Craig’s staff arranged the appointment, considering my schedule, and everything was executed smoothly and in a professional manner. When we started Dr. Craig advised me that it would take one year from start to finish and he was accurate. I had short appointments, long appointments, and not once did I experience any discomfort. I continue to follow the doctor’s advice and have routine cleaning during which the doctor checks to ensure my new teeth are in proper working order.

The doctor’s staff was professional, friendly and very supportive. My experience was very rewarding in that it is nice to feel good about yourself again.” 

– Mr. Steve Andrew, Tulsa, OK

“For several years I suffered with loose dentures. I was referred to Dr. Buntemeyer by a friend who was one of his patients. Using Dental Implants, Dr. Buntemeyer not only restored my smile, but now my dentures are “stable” and not loose. Now I feel confident when I eat, and when I smile.”

-Rev. James Phillips, Tulsa, OK

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